Business partnerships

Coccinelle, the partner you can trust

Our belief:

The quality of their work, motivation, continuity, economic performance and efficiency are all concepts closely tied with your workers' wellbeing. Working better and feeling better in their professional life also depend on the quality of their personal environment.

Our objective:

To know how to find solutions to help your workers with this delicate balance between their family life and work life.

Our approach:

To know how to be a responsible and friendly employer.
To decrease the psycho-social constraints by enabling your employees to have a liaison they can trust.
To make it so your workers find help and assistance in better organizing their time.
To prevent job stress by helping your workers better balance their professional and personal lives.
To lower the costs of absenteeism due to the care of ill children.

Our solutions:

Step 1:
To have Coccinelle as a reference partner.
To be able to benefit from the support of a qualified professional in People Services.
Step 2:
Flexible compensation.
To include an innovative element of differentiation in the company's compensation system that specifically meets your workers' needs.